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A Day to Attract Boys to Female Professions

Company name : KETTERTHILL SA.

Activity sector : Health and social work

Company category : Large company



Description of the action

Ketterthill Laboratories participate in the Boys' Day organised by the Ministry ofequal opportunities. Within this framework, they welcome for a day young boys who wish to discover this sector of activity. After a breakfast presentation of the company, the students go to the sampling sites, where they are present at the reception of patients, blood sampling and sample delivery. Lunch is taken at the laboratory museum, in the presence of a former employee who explains the exhibits in Luxembourgish. Then, a bacteriological workshop is held to measure the bacteria present on the students' hands before and after they are washed. The day ends with a debriefing and the presentation of a certificate.


The sampling and analysis professions are traditionally very feminine. The company is no exception to this situation since 80% of its employees are women. The idea of Boys' Day is to encourage boys to push open the doors of the laboratory so that they can discover what the collection and medical analysis business is all about.


L’objectif est de faire connaître nos métiers auprès de la population masculine.


The approach was a natural one, since the company truly believes in the importance of opening the laboratory to future generations. The project was proposed at the initiative of the company's human resources department. After presentation to the management committee, it was approved.


Older participants are generally the most motivated. They often choose to study pharmacy, medicine or nursing and find there an opportunity to understand the activities surrounding medicine. For example, they may discover that the current tasks of laboratory technicians require less medical knowledge than before.

« To do »

Involve and get all the company's managers on board. Their open-mindedness is necessary for the success of the project.

« Not to do »

Do not confine this project to the HR department but make it a real company project.

Keywords : Communication

Published on 20 October 2014