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Using inclusive language in prayer and continuously working on refining our prayer book and religious traditions in general


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Description of the action

We use inclusive, where need be/possible, gender neutral language in our religious services, reforming and questioning our religious traditions where appropriate and/or necessary. During our study sessions, we read and discuss texts by scholars, who give an alternative perspective (e.g. Rabbi Jill Hammer’s feminist story telling as Bible commentary). We promote the sensibilisation to voices, which were not heard or were suppressed earlier in Judaism. We use gender-neutral (equal) requirements for Bney Mitzvah ceremony (as leaders of prayer and Torah readers during the public worship), promote equal access to rituals, encourage girls to experiment with rituals, which were traditionally reserved to boys (e.g. wearing Talit/prayer shawl, Tefilin/phylacteries). We actively encourage the visibility and role models of those oppressed in the past: women, ethnic minorities, LGBTI people etc. In particular, we promote female rabbis and cantors: our adjunct cantor is a woman.


Religious services and traditions


We use the century old Jewish practice of questioning our traditions, debating and reassessing their impact on our everyday life. Rather than being dogmatic we use our traditions to promote progressive thinking and inclusiveness within our community and beyond.


To create an even more inclusive, open and accessible community.


To allow for everyone and anyone to be able to identify and participate in our activities.

« To do »

Avoid gender-specific or stereotypical language

« Not to do »

Promote where need be neutral and inclusive language

Keywords : Welcoming and socialization

Published on 19 October 2020