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Zesumme si mir staark - School Project


Activity sector : Public administration

Company category : Public sector


Raise awareness, train and involve

Description of the action

Zesumme si mir staark is a school project that aims to introduce the subjects of equal opportunities and diversity into the everyday life of the youngest. The aim is to open children's minds to these topics, to break stereotypes and clichés, and to act in prevention and health promotion in an age-appropriate way.

In addition, the aim is to encourage cooperation, to improve the climate in the classroom and to strive for gender equality from an early age.

This project is supported by the Ministry of Continuing Education, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Equal Opportunities, as well as by the teachers' co-management committee at the local level.


Following an interview with the teachers' co-management committee, a list of activities with different themes in the area of equal opportunities and diversity was drawn up. The teachers receive a small brochure on who gives the course, what the content of the training courses is, which cycle is targeted, and the pedagogical objectives of the individual activities. At the end of the brochure is a booking form that the teacher must fill in and hand in to determine a date for the activity in question.

Regarding the activities, the Commune of Sanem works with different organisations to guarantee different workshops each year.


The objectives of the project Zesumme si mir staark are multiple. We wish to offer a diverse range of workshops covering topics of equal opportunities and diversity.

With regard to equal opportunities and diversity, the workshops aim to convey the message that girls and boys are equal and that we must overcome clichés related to gender, sexuality, identity, origin,religion, etc. In addition, we want to give the students the opportunity to discover a professional field that they might not have considered, such as digital coding, for example, which is a computer field in which more men than women work today.

Moreover, by thematising these subjects, we hope to act in the prevention and promotion of physical and mental illnesses among our youngest.


Following the positive feedback from students and teachers, we deduce that our objectives have been well achieved and that this project will be continued in the coming years.

« To do »

It is important to involve the teaching staff of the municipality in the project to awaken their interest in booking an activity of the project Zesumme si mir staark.

In addition, the activities should be adapted to the age of the children. Interactive activities are most successful with young people.

« Not to do »

We must avoid an activity that is too theoretical.

Keywords : Training

Published on 25 May 2020