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Diversit Day Buffer

Talkwalker's Fireside Chats on Diversity

mardi 06 octobre 2020


On-line sessions

Talkwalker S.à r.l.

Description de l'action

Albert Schweitzer once famously said that "example is not the main thing in influencing others, it is the only thing" - with this thought in mind, and wanting to celebrate Talkwalker's first Diversity Day, with the support of the Management, the Diversity Committee decided to launch a series of Fireside Chats on Diversity addressed to all Talkwalker's employees during which invited speakers will be sharing their first-hand experience and knowledge on diversity andinclusion.

Each session will have a dedicated topic which will be presented by the invited speaker and followed by a Q&A part. Our first speaker will talk about how to most efficiently "agitate, elevate and educate" when it comes to diversity andinclusion at the workplace.