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D&I annual information session

Nom de l'entreprise : Clearstream

Secteur d'activité : Activités financières et d'assurance

Catégorie de l'entreprise : Grande Entreprise



Description de l'action

Each year, we organize an information session to all employees about our D&I strategy and roadmap. It is done via teams and recorded in order to ensure the information session is accessible to all employees.


Inform employees about : - the D&I strategy - what have been done so far - what will be done in the current year - encourage employees to join the initiatives via the different employees resource groups


More employees actively participate to the events/initiatives.

« A faire »

Involve the employees in the presentation (for example by using polls during the session)

« Ne pas faire »

Always keep enough time for Q&A session

Mots-clés : Communication

Publié le 05 août 2022