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HeForShe Commitment

Nom de l'entreprise : PWC

Secteur d'activité : Activités de services administratifs et de soutien

Catégorie de l'entreprise : Grande Entreprise



Description de l'action

PwC is supporting the HeForShe solidarity movement and takes a number of actions to support the HeForShe mission to engage both men and women as agents of change for gender equality. 


Gender is one of the most important organizing principles of social life, but gender stereotypes can put us into boxes and limit our potential. While gender equality benefits all of us -women and men- no country in the world has yet achieved it in politics, business, education, or health. 


Through our action, we aim at accelerating global momentum toward gender equality in the workplace.  


During 2015: building momentum around the HeForShe 

On International Women’s Day 2015, we invited all men of PwC Luxembourg to join the HeForShe solidarity movement calling men and boys to stand up against the persisting inequalities faced by women and girls globally. 


On December 2015, we made public our commitment to gender equality by inviting your clients, relatives and friends to take a HeForShe pledge during our Christmas Market. 

HeForShe ambassadors, being PwC Employees, invited both PwC People and our Clients to join the HeForShe movement by enrolling oneself electronically via iPads on the dedicated site. 


During 2016: moving to actions with the pledges 

On International Women’s Day 2016, we went further and encouraged all our people to reflect on what parity means for them and which concrete actions they could take to contribute to parity. 

We set up a dedicated “Pledge for Parity” booth where our People could choose their most relevant pledge symbolised by a printed colourful wristband and suggest concrete actions via postcards. 


During PwC Global Diversity week on September 22, we launched an awareness programme on the hidden biases of good people, podcast animated by Doctor Mahzarin Banaji. 


We promoted across our social media the e-learning about Gender IQ. 


Around 1,000 individuals expressed their commitment to parity. 


We pledge to: 

  • help women and girls achieve their ambitions 

  • value all women and men’s contributions equally 

  • create inclusive and flexible culture 

  • call for gender-balanced leadership 

  • challenge conscious or unconscious bias 






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Here are some examples of inspiring pledges: 


Help women and girls achieve their ambitions 

  • Give development opportunities to women (client engagements, roles, training) 

  • Take an active step to help a junior colleague extend her professional network 

  • Coach / Mentor women 

  • Help women to identify and express their goals and ambitions 

  • Help my daughters and nieces believe that anything is possible 

  • Support a non-profit organization focusing on the education of girls 

  • Coach and support young mothers 

  • Telling my daughter every day that there is strictly nothing she can't do just because she's a girl 

Challenge conscious and unconscious bias 

  • Keep in mind that biases exist and can influence me 

  • Take an implicit association test to identify where I have biases 

  • Identify situations in which biases may enter and think twice before acting 

  • Challenge preconceptions of what it takes to be a successful leader 

  • Ignore rumours when assessing performance and rely on my own experience of the appraisee 

  • Think before I give an opinion on someone 

  • Challenge my ideas and base my assessments on facts 

Call for gender-balanced leadership 

  • Reflect on who I am providing opportunities to (such as networking event, client introductions, client engagements, roles, training) 

  • Make sure that the teams/committees I am creating are gender balanced 

  • Identify opportunities to take on different responsibilities, and volunteer to do so (for women) 

  • Ensure that networking events or strategic meetings that I organise are planned for times that are most convenient to all 

  • Ensure equal team composition 

  • Take an active step to help junior colleague extend her professional network 

  • Provide same opportunities to achieve own objectives for mums and dads 

Value women and men's contributions equally 

  • Review the criteria I use for assessing performance/potential and check whether they are gender neutral 

  • Make sure that women and men of equal talent are equally positioned 

  • Challenge my ideas and base my assessments on facts  

  • Ensure that both men and women are included on the teams where appropriate 

  • Reflect on who I am providing opportunities to (such as networking event, client introductions, client engagements, roles, training) 

  • Include people with a different profile than mine in discussion, decision process, team 

  • Allow my husband to be an equal partner at home 

  • Make sure that women and men of equal talent are equally positioned 

Create inclusive, flexible cultures 

  • Talk to someone whom I don’t normally interact with 

  • Ask someone from a different culture/gender/background/business unit out for lunch 

  • When working on an issue, seek views from a diverse range of people 

  • Reflect on whom I am allocating work to and give it to someone different than my usual choice 

  • Support and promote new measures regarding flexibility 

  • Expose all team members based on their strengths 

  • Make effort to interact with different people 

  • Educate my kids with equality and respect values 

« A faire »

  • Invite people to explore the topic at their own rhythm and experience by themselves 
  • Positive and recurring stimulation 

« Ne pas faire »

  • Don’t push, render the commitment mandatory or force people to participate 
  • Don’t be proactive 

Mots-clés : Culture organisationnelle

Publié le 09 décembre 2016